Domiberia Benelux BV

Domiberia Benelux BV is a leading manufacturer of high quality packaging for the food industry. Domiberi has grown from a small family business founded in 1972 in Spain, to become one of the largest European manufacturers of tin cans. Today Domiberia has 8 factories in different locations across Europe.


Our employees are our main asset. Thanks to their expertise and dedication Domiberia has attained its current position. We need systems that enable us to manage all of our HR processes with minimum intervention from our management team. Only once this is in place we can provide our employees with the maximum motivation and support.


One of the main reasons we chose People Inc. is the flexibility the system offers. Our HR administration has to meet specific needs due to the fact that we are an international business. The Screen Designer enables us to adapt the system to meet these needs. Another key reason we chose this system is the fact that the time & attendance module is fully integrated. This has made it possible for us to manage our HR information and processes, employee time recording, and access control, all in one system. One system means that information has to be recorded just once.


Service wise we like the direct way the People Inc. support team works. Normally we get an answer to any questions we have straight-away from the helpdesk. We also have a nominated consultant who understands our needs and how our system is configured; he is always on hand to help with more complex queries.


Dries Sauren
Personnel Responsible


Domiberia Benelux BV